Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Conclusion: Things I learned in 07

1Yall and All Yall are words with different meanings
2 Each year is unique
3 Texans clocks are permanently broken and run 30. mins late
4 Peanut butter and chocolate no matter where you live tastes yummy
5 Sometimes the Good and the Bad live together
6 Culture shock exists
7 Feeding animals from a feeder, and then shooting them is “ hunting"
8.You wont pass out from driving in 5 lanes of traffic
9 Direction, brings clarity
10 Big cities are the best!
11. Never say never …
12. Yes Guys still open doors for ladies
13 When in doubt throw it out.
14 God’s faithful
15. King of the hill equals Texas reality TV
16 Watching and experiencing are worlds apart
17 Jessica Simpson’s is the reason why the cowboys( football team) aren’t winning
18 Beauty takes time
19 Razor Cell phones are stupid
20 And a conclusion is what happens when you get tired of thinking….