Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life Consultant :Preparing

My sister was-is THE FASHION CONSULTANT, however, her critique in the past, has caused friction between us . I, having no sense of color coordination would stubbornly fight Jordan on the ethics of fashion wear... Why should it matter what people wore? God values our heart as his mirror not the clothes we put on. She would counter act my questions by stating an out fit is a mirror! It shows how someone thinks and if they are going to a rodeo or attending a concert.

I disagreed with Jordan until her opinion began to have life merit. Forgetting my gym clothes one day, my teacher required me to run in pants and a long sleeve shirt. I felt silly. If I had " assessed myself" I have pants and a long sleeve shirt on, I would have realized it was scorching hot out side. If I had realized where I "was heading" ,PE, I might have remembered my uniform... my Dress should have proceed my environment, instead it hindered .

Now, concentrating on the mirror in font of me, I invite Jordan to asses my clothes. "Nice choice. I like that out fit" . I'm elated by her words. They are spoken thoughts I crave for God to pronounce over me as he critiques my Dream preparation's... taking classes, meeting new people, letting go of the old and buying the new...

Otherwise Ill judge my self and notice that I've been running in scorching 100 degree weather, wearing jeans,a long sleeve shirt, and my LIFE CONSULTANT,God, has amusingly pronounced I wonder what clothes ASHLEY has on now

We cant skip the process part. There are no short cuts. What area in your life do you expect God to perform but you haven't prepared for the promise he has given you? Its a new day! Workout, take classes, meet new people.. you never know where he will take you! Matthew 9:17 Nor do the put new wine into old wine skins, or else the wine skins break, the wine is spilled and the wine skins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wine skins, and both are preserved


Joe said...

One, I am grateful to God for doing what he needs to do in my life while I break my heart on a daily basis.

Two, I am so glad I am not alone when it comes to have no fashion sense.


J Lee said...

HEY I LIKE your fashion...I love odd combinations lol