Monday, May 4, 2009

The game:selfish

I want to disappear from her scolding " Ashley you trample up and down that soccer field, glancing at the sky or fixing your bangs. I doubt you know where the ball is located since your paying more attention to Dad and I, then to your own soccer game." mom's ridged body is radiating frustration but she maintains a relaxing smile for me. " i know you have talent.. why wont you use it? "

Should I tell a lie or tell her the truth? " I'm scared".. I whisper, judging that my mom will detect any lie i voice. " i mean.. what if i kick the soccer ball and i miss or an opposing team player steals it from me?" her arm glues it self around my shoulder, allowing me to feel comfort. " Well then at least you played the game... you didn't let it play on without you." i sigh..

moms encouraging speech ends abruptly , the coach throws his arms up like a windmill station and beckons me to join my teammates on our soccer field, as God whispers.. Ashley forget about your opposing team and stop questioning if your an effective runner or not. ... Play the game. I concur with my heavenly father, taking one step away from selfish insecurities... and one step toward my teammates and His game... the game God calls us to participate in.

A selfish person " tries" a surrendered person " does". What game/ area of your life are you being selfish in and letting insecurities, opposition, fear keep you from playing? To win this game we need you..we need everyone


Anonymous said...

Wow That was a great post!!! I think anybody that has played a sport when they were little had a little bit of that moment in them...

Casey Raquel said...

So true! The funny thing is, I can totally picture you mom saying that about yous staring at the sky and fixing your bangs! I love you all so much and just miss you!!!