Thursday, March 26, 2009


I ponder the sensation of SOMEONE expecting a baby.. alone. Morning sickness, gaining weight, craving to hear the words " you still look beautiful". Each sunny morning your heart bleeds when its wakened to the Cardinals singing and the empty space in bed....where your lover should be. Baby clothes recently purchased lay heaped... neglected.. just like you.

Your Fear mounts .Furniture doesn't magically move it self. Boxes require unpacking. What if your harmed transporting these items and the child is aborted? How can you give birth among adversity? Who will say.. push.. wait OK stop.. now .. now PUSH! without family, friends or a doctors hands .... doubt lingers. Your child's death seems certain.

I ponder the sensation of SOMEONE expecting a dream... alone. Clutching insecurities, over extending your self and craving to hear the words " its going to be OK". Each time those around you are blessed, being handed a job, being proposed to .. being found with child feel excluded. The dream should be here by now. Gods indifference cuts..

Your fear mounts. Starting a new business requires money you don't have. Your not intelligent enough to become an author. rejection is inevitable on the dreams quest... and strength fading . How can God do something THIS impossible? Where's a mentor saying .. action.. wait OK stop.. now.. now take action. Without family, friends, or favor's help.. doubt lingers. your dream's death seems certain.

A child.. A dream.. neither can be cultivated ALONE. Products of intimate moments spent with a lover.. or God, yet they both require communities guiding hands to be birthed.. .. . Touch SOMEONES stomach and their child moves. Speak encouraging words over SOMEONE and their dream breathes again. Here in community is the sensation.. SOMEONE is never ALONE.

May you reach out to someone and may someone reach out to you... may you each birth the dreams God has given... Gen 2:18 God say's it is not good for man to be alone.


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Dave Earley said...

I loved reading this. Very nice work.

Joe said...

Good to see you are writing again :)

Casey Raquel said...

Loved it you more than words can say. Keep on, keeping makes a difference more than you know.